How to launch a Minimum viable product (MVP) in 2022

What is a Minimum viable product

When you are working on a project the first iteration or the very first version is known as a Minimum viable product or MVP when abbreviated. This can apply to almost any type of project for example websites, mobile applications, desktops applications, and even games among other things.

Team structure

Under normal conditions a whole team would be working on the product. You could have designers, copywriters, developers and quality assurance/quality control testers. Before any work has started the team would either be working with a client to figure out how they can best work together. Or in another scenario they are launching a product to solve some sort of problem or to fill a gap in the market.


Designers are responsible for creating the initial design. Prior to this they would have gone through a user flow journey which is basically the pathways that a user would use to navigate through the application or website. The path is broken down into various steps that a user would follow to travel throughout the product.


The job of a copywriter is to come up with content for the product. Their role is essentially to create engaging text and writing which will help to describe the product and sell it to the customers. They are responsible for doing the marketing and advertising throughput all of the various channels that a company uses both online and offline. Across social media and even outdoor banners and adverts both digital and print.


Developers are an essential part of the product lifecycle as they are the ones who bring the designs to life. Depending on the project developers could be working across the full technical stack. Developing the back-end, front-end, web version, desktop version and even a mobile one too. If it is a game then there would also be a special process for the development and getting it working on various platforms.

Quality Assurance/Quality Control Testers

Testers are people who go through the whole product to make sure that it is ready to be launched as a MVP. They will check for bugs, errors, accessibility issues and a lot more. Their job is to give the product a complete test so that it is in a condition whereby it can pass all of the tests giving it a final seal of approval.

Working on the product

During this phase it is highly likely that there would be a marketing and advertising campaign going on so that people know about the company or product prior to its launch. And in a lot of cases there might be a small group of early adopters, alpha and beta testers who might be using the product before its launch to the wider public.

Building the product

There are infinite ways this can be done and there is no right or wrong answer because every team is different. Any technical stack can be used so this can be adapted to work for anyone. Here is one example of how a team might go about building a product.

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