Debugging in Programming using Visual Studio Code

Debugging JavaScript (Google Chrome and Visual Studio Code) — YouTube

Debugging Visual Studio Code (Create React App) — YouTube

Debugging Visual Studio Code (Node) — YouTube

Debugging steps and mindset as a Developer

  1. Use Debugging tools
  2. Read the documentation API
  3. Google search and Stackoverflow
  4. Ask another developer in the office
  5. Discord and Slack Groups

Debugging Tools

  • Debugger in VS Code and in the web browser (console.log replacement) plus the debugger; statement
  • Web browser developer tools (console, sources, network tabs etc…)
  • Developer browser extensions like React, Redux and Vue


  • TDD/BDD: Jest and Enzyme/React Testing Library and Mocha and Chai
  • Linting: ESLint
  • Type Checking: TypeScript
  • Code Formatting: Prettier
  • CI/CD: GIT, GitLab, BitBucket, CircleCI, Travis CI, Jenkins, Heroku, Netlify, Now, Docker



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