50 Cool Web And Mobile Project Ideas for 2021

50 Cool Web And Mobile Project Ideas for 2021

A lot of people struggle when it comes to thinking of project ideas. Here is a list of 50 cool project ideas that you could build in 2021. I will even give you my technical stack as an example so you can figure out how you could do it too. These applications can be on the web, mobile and desktop. There is an unlimited choice of tools, technologies and programming languages that you could use to build them I am only showing some use cases here. Each project has a programming level of either beginner, intermediate or advanced. And these applications are created to be either front-end, back-end or full-stack.

1. Social Media Dashboard

This could be an app that combines many social media networks into one interface. So for example you could have Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram all together. That means only having one browser tab opened and one unified user interface.

2. Dating App Manager

An app that would make it easy for you to manage your dating life. Because these days many people tend to use multiple dating apps so it can be hard for you to keep track of the dates you have planned. With this type of app you could keep track of all of the people you are currently talking to as well as basic information such as names, phone numbers, where you met etc…

3. Computer Game Companion App

With this type of app you could essentially take your gaming experience with you. For example if you play a game like Fortnite you could build a mobile app that lets you track your stats. You could even have an inventory section for all of the emotes, weapons and accessories.

4. Job Search App

How about creating a job search app that feels more like a dating app instead of the traditional serious looking job boards out there. So instead of doing the usual boring job application where you have to submit your CV and then wait for a generic email telling you that they received your application and will get back to you. You are instead given the ability to swipe if you think it’s a match or not if you do not think so. Interaction with the hiring manager would feel so much more informal and casual. But of course there should be a way to limit interactions so it does not feel like spam and get overwhelming.

5. 100DaysOfCode App

The 100DaysOfCode challenge helps people to commit to learning how to code consistently. Basically you just use the hashtag for 100DaysOfCode and then use Twitter to tweet your daily progress. At the moment there is no easy way to automatically keep track and schedule tweets for the hashtag. So you creating an app that automatically schedules the tweets as well as any media attached would be quite useful.

6. Social Network for Mental Health

This global pandemic has affected almost everyone’s mental health in some way or form. Creating a safe place where people can talk about it and share stories would be great. It’s a way for people to get stuff off their chest while also connecting with people who can relate to their issues.

7. Professional Singer Audio App

How about developing an app that lets the average person sing a song which is then enhanced so that it makes you sound like a professional singer? It could also have its own social network so that you can share original songs and albums.

8. Fashion Design App

Building a fashion design app that can create a personal style for you based on your personal choices and it gives you links to websites to purchase the clothing. With this concept it is essentially working as a personal style guide that works for you and gives you recommendations on what to buy which is fashionable for you.

9. Dating Life Community App

Not everyone finds dating easy so how about building a dating life community app where people can talk and share resources on how to meet people and get into relationships. Talking about personal experiences as well as tips.

10. Lost Animals App

This is a cool idea you could develop an app that lets you tag a location of where you found a lost animal. With this kind of app you could potentially share the location with someone who has lost an animal so that they could find it. As an addition having the location of the nearest clinic nearby could make it even easier to take them some place safe.

11. A Review Website Aggregator

As developers it can sometimes be hard to find a good course because there are so many on the internet. So creating a review website aggregator that pulls in reviews from courses all over the internet would be amazing. You could filter and sort through the courses which would make it super easy to decide on a learning path.

12. A Random Website Generator

Unless you have a design background it can be quite hard to come up with a design for an app or website. So with that in mind creating a random website generator would be very cool. In this case it would just put a design together which you could then build using the programming language of your choice. Or if you are feeling up for a challenge you could turn it into a full fledged website builder too that even generates the code!

13. Dating App

The world is already full of dating apps but there is still no stand out app. They all have their pros and cons if you take a look at the reviews for them. So building a dating app that takes the best features of all apps while still remaining affordable or even free should persuade the masses to join.

14. E-Commerce Website

Shopping websites are always in high demand as people will always have things to sell. Giving someone their own personal platform for selling custom products is a good thing.

15. Random Meal Generator App

Deciding on what to cook or eat can be hard sometimes. Creating an application that can randomly generate meals and choose ingredients that work well together could improve your cooking skills. You could also discover some nice recipes which you could share with people.

16. Developer Freelance Platform

Similar to websites like Upwork and Fiverr however it is a platform that is ONLY for developers. It could be a platform that makes it easy for developers to find and connect with each other and work on projects together through collaboration. So you are not only getting fast and easy real world experience but you are also connecting with developers who are around your skill level. This would be a fantastic way to level up and an easy way for beginners to get work. I think it would be a good idea as it cuts out the recruiter completely and you don’t need to stress over interviews. However there could be some form of onboarding and maybe tests depending on the work and the developers who work on it. These can be free open source projects or there can be some salary involved.

17. TV Tracking App

This could be a simple app that just lets you plan what to watch during the week. So you don’t need to rely on electronic programming guides or even a paper TV guide for the week.

18. Shopping Inventory App

Many people typically use a spreadsheet for keeping track of purchases and shopping habits. It would be much better in an app form. So just imagine creating an app that lets you track the stuff you buy so you know when you are running low on stock and need to buy more of that product.

19. Heads or Tails App

Because of this pandemic people are less likely to be carrying around loose change. Flipping a coin to make a decision has been around for years. Creating a Heads or Tails app should be fairly straightforward.

20. Random Song Lyrics Generator App

Ever wanted to create your own song? Well, maybe one day you could write something amazing because of an app you created! Having an app do all the hard work for you makes it almost too easy assuming the words rhyme and go well together. Worst case scenario you end up with a funny song that goes viral.

21. Random Meme Generator App

We live for memes and they usually make us laugh or go viral. Making an app that can come up with some funny content could be pretty cool. Combining random text with images or even something that is animated would go a long way to stardom.

22. Series and Movie Watchlist API

You could create an API that stores all of the series and movies that you watch. This will not only let you keep track of your watch history but you could also potentially combine it with a front-end so that you have your own personal app with your watch habits.

23. Random Map Generator

Coming up with a design for a game map can be quite tedious what if you could automatically generate a map? It does not have to be anything complicate or even 3D for that matter. If you are just making a simple 2D side scrolling game or top down view game it is far less work to create.

24. Random Joke Generator

Everybody loves to laugh so making your own random joke generator app would be so worthwhile.

25. Medicine Tracker and Notification App

Managing your medication and knowing when and what to take as well as the dosage can be frustrating. Just create an app for managing your medication as well as doctors notes and you should be good to go.

26. Fashion Outfit App

This is an app that chooses outfits for you to wear in a week. So if you are the type of person who is indecisive you could take that all away by just letting this app randomly choose outfits for you to wear during the week based on some predefined presets.

27. Mindfulness App

Staying positive is extremely important for our health and well-being. So making an app that stores our journal messages and as well as having the ability to do daily gratitude would make it essential. If you are familiar with the Law of Attraction then you could even use it for scripting too.

28. Code Breaker App

It would be so cool to create your own secret language so making an app that lets you create and decrypt secret messages is a project worth considering. So you would write something which gets encrypted and then decrypted using an algorithm of some sort.

29. Avatar Generator ApI

With this app it could have functionality which lets it randomly create avatars for using on profiles. So depending on the search term it returns relevant avatar images.

30. Random Logo Generator API

An app like this could be as simple or as advanced as you want it to be. The logos generated could be used in production or just for testing purposes. So just imagine if you are building a test site but you don’t have an official logo yet but you want to show something. Instead of making a mockup in Photoshop you could just use the API to create one for you.

31. News Aggregator

Deciding on a source to find news can sometimes make you unproductive. It would be much easier to have it all in one place. You could make a news aggregator website that pulls in news from multiple sources. This way you have a unified interface on one platform to read everything.

32. Random Username Generator API

Coming up with a cool username can be so exhausting. Instead it would be much easier to just autogenerate one based one some keywords.

33. A Chatbot App

Chatbots remain popular because they can accomplish so much. It is like having your own personal helper. One example of a chatbot you could create is one that keeps track of your daily tasks and gives you recommendations on how to improve productivity. So in one use case maybe you spent 3 hours programming and skipped doing laundry on that day because you were too busy. The chatbot could help you to get better at time management and possibly even use pomodoro.

34. Game Library App

These days many people have multiple game libraries on different platforms. Or maybe they have forgotten many games that they have played over the years because back then they did not track everything they played. A solution can be to create a game library app so you can store all of your game history. This can include the year, game, genre, platform etc… Even if you currently own it or if you sold it and whether it’s digital or a physical copy. An app like this could be expanded even further if you can make it into more of a social network so you can follow other peoples game list and they can do the same. The possibilities are endless.

35. Food Social Network

It would be fun to create a food social network where you could discover new cuisines and even restaurants. So a place where people can share recipes, pictures and meal plans as well as restaurants and bars you should visit. You could even take it a step further and add dieting into the mix so it becomes a community where people try to stay healthy and can view their stats. Like weight, height etc…

36. Home Room Decorator App

Ever struggled to come up with ideas of how you want a room to look? You could create an app that lets you create a floor plan for various rooms. Then you can add furniture and see how it would potentially look. This could then be shared with other people so you can get feedback. For example imagine that the app is 2D and you are looking down at the floor plan from above.

37. Computer Game Strategy Network

It could be a social network where anyone can share tips, videos, and walkthroughs on how to become a pro player in the games that they play. So you could have sections for each game as well as tags for the genre of each game. And then everyone can post useful content which can include text, images or even videos like YouTube.

38. Conversation Generator App

An app like this could use machine learning that lets people who are shy or socially awkward improve their conversation skills.

39. Lego Builder Social Network

It could be a social network where people show off what they have built using lego as well as tutorials for building them.

40. Job Search Manager App

Keeping track of all of the job applications that you do can be so tedious as there are tons of platforms to apply for jobs and it is not easy to keep track of them all. So creating an app where you can keep track of your applications, interviews, as well as feedback would do wonders. Sure you could use a simple spreadsheet but if you really want to be a power user then having a dedicated app would be much better. Plus you could export that data as CSV or json file so that you can do whatever you want with it.

41. A Quote Calculator App

How about building an app that does some kind of interesting calculation? Instead of the usual calculator app maybe this one calculates the price for accommodation. Another example can be an app that does a loan calculation with interest depending on how big the loan is.

42. A Random Daily Hobby Generator App

Deciding what you are going to do during downtime each day can be a headache. Or maybe you always stick to the same routine. Well, with this app it can randomly choose things for you to do each day. You could even give it the ability to track your fun level so maybe the same hobby becomes more frequent. Or even less if you want to be more spontaneous and try something different. A great way to form new habits too.

43. Clubhouse/Twitter Spaces Clone

These type of audio room apps are hot right now everyone wants to join! So why not try your hand at creating a cloned version of them. Who knows your version might turn out to be pretty popular one day.

44. Web Crawler App

Web crawlers are used for scraping data from various websites. They are basically bots that search for data which is then indexed for other purposes.

45. An Automatisation Tool

Using an automatisation tool gives you the ability to speed up workflows that you use often. Like for example setting up a product structure for an app or converting all files in a folder to something new like changing jpgs into png.

46. Computer Game API

Maybe you want to create a game that has a lot of data. You could create a back-end api to hold all of that information which can be used in a front-end application.

47. Finance Budgeting App

A Finance Budget App can let you see all of your incomings and outgoings as well as all purchases made annually so you can track them year by year. You can even set it up to check daily, monthly and annually giving you an overview of your spending habits.

48. A Food Diary App

Just a simple app for tracking the food you eat each day of the week. You could make it even more advanced by calculating your weight and calories so you know what changes there are.

49. Mood Journal App

This can be a simple app that lets you track your mood throughout the day. You can even turn it into a journal so you can leave your thoughts as notes.

50. Image Guessing Game App

For this app you could have an image which is hidden and you have to guess what type of image it is. So for example imagine that you have a selection of options and you need to choose the correct one. You should be able to keep track of the score and it should always be random so that no game is ever the same.

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