5 steps for performing well in a new job

When you start a new job it is important that you are well prepared and ready to absorb everything that you can. Those first few months are either going to make you or break you it all comes down to your mindset and how motivated you are to be a success is this new role.

I have worked in the industry for a few years and during that time I have learned a lot of things. I also recently started a new full-time role as well. Here are 4 steps for performing well in a new job.

1. Ask lots of questions

Your first few months should be all about information gathering. Figuring out how everything works, the people you report to etc… Leave no stone unturned and keep a note of everything that is said. That way you can get up to speed fast on projects which hopefully leads to less hand holding and micro management in the future.

2. Learn the setup

It is also true for GIT workflows, documentation, and testing. Follow the guidelines and specifications outlined by your team and then you will find that you all get along well when working on projects.

3. Show your worth to the company

4. Have good connections

Relationships also make the job more engrossing and leads to the team having a good bond. If you work in an office then it is not too hard to accomplish some of these things it is quite different with remote working though. So have friendly idle talks over IM with your team or having video calls or meetings is quite a good way to keep in touch when it is not possible to be there in person.

5. Put in the time

Final Thoughts

Peace ✌️

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