20 activities that increase my creativity as a developer

Having a creative mind is essential if you want to be a successful developer or a designer. Without creativity you will struggle to come up with project ideas. I have put together a list of 20 activities that help me come up with ideas for projects and inspiration. Some might be considered a distraction however you can get an idea at any moment. Visual and audio feedback is highly energising as it makes you think more. What activities do you think are great for creativity?

1. Watching Movies

2. Watching Series

3. Watching Anime

4. Listening to audio books

5. Drawing Manga

6. Going for a walk

7. Exercising

8. Eating food

9. Listening to podcasts

10. Listening to music

11. Watching YouTube

12. Playing computer games

13. Sleeping

14. Social media

15. Meditation

16. Browsing the internet

17. Writing code

18. Doing design work

19. Messaging Apps

20. Taking a shower

Final Thoughts

Peace ✌️

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