100 AWESOME Developers to follow on Twitter

The Twitter community is amazing and there are so many awesome people to follow. If you are a Developer then having a Twitter is one of the best ways to connect and network with others. Here is my list of 100 AWESOME Developers that you should follow on Twitter. This is a diverse list of people from different backgrounds and each person is interesting in their own way and has contributed to the community. So there is something for everyone from insightful info and courses. To programming, polls, memes and other cool things.

Chris Coyier
Co-founder @CodePen . Does @CSS . Podcasts @ShopTalkShow . Married @jmm . Clawhammer. loldad.

Paul Irish
I 💗 the web • I work on performance, @Google @____lighthouse , and PageSpeed Insights. Lover of under-appreciated music. I like you, too.

Creating success stories @RawStudioCo . Teaching @AmbitiousAcad . Launched @Wireframy . Mentor @AntlerAustralia . Always learning: @Javascript .

David Walsh (davidwalsh.eth)
Senior Software Engineer @metamask_io . MooTools Alumni, Javascript Fanatic, and open source lover. Former @Mozilla , @SitePen

Aaron Layton
Manager of Design and Front-End development. I love HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, WebApps, Actionscript and all things Geek!♥

Jeffrey Way
I am error.

Running, designing, coding, developing, investing, reading, writing… learning.

Nick Pettit
Senior Unity Developer at @buck_tv and husband to @dudeitsroxy

Ryan Carson (he/him)
Founder and CEO of @treehouse

Guil Hernandez
Software Development Instructor @treehouse

Anjana Vakil
Engineering & teaching & learning ✨ Developer/Advocate @observablehq ✨ Alumna @RecurseCenter @Outreachy @mozTechSpeakers ✨ http://pronoun.is/she 🎤👩🏽‍💻💞

Wes Bos
Fullstack Dev ❯ JS⚛ CSS Node ❯ http://BeginnerJavaScript.comhttp://LearnNode.comhttp://ReactForBeginners.comhttp://JavaScript30.com ❯ 🔥 Tips ❯ ♥ @KaitBos ❯ @SyntaxFM

Sarah Drasner
stupid like a fox • VP of Developer Experience @Netlify ∙ Core Team @vuejs ∙ O’Reilly Author ∙ http://github.com/sdras 💻 http://codepen.io/sdras ∙ BLM, she/her

Software-assisted mental health treatment at http://Mindler.se / Creator of the programming show Fun Fun Function

Max Stoiber
Creator of styled-components & react-boilerplate 💅 Maker http://feedback.fish http://changefeed.app 🐟 Eng at @gatsbyjs (prev @github @withspectrum ) 💼 Skier, coffee nerd 🎿

Dave Rupert
Developer at @paravelinc , Podcaster at @shoptalkshow , Adventurer at @godaytrip , 日本語OK, #davegoeswindows, Historical Graphic Novel Otaku, Junkrat Main

Scott Tolinski
Web Developer | Creator of @leveluptuts | Co-host of http://Syntax.fm | Youtuber: http://youtube.com/c/leveluptuts | Robotops Crew Bboy clips: http://instagram.com/stolinski/

Evan You
Husband, father of two, independent open source developer. Creator / project lead of @vuejs and connoisseur of sushi.

Addy Osmani
Engineering Manager working on @GoogleChrome • Husband & Dad • Make the web fast ⚡• Lighthouse, PageSpeed Insights, DevTools, Chrome UX Report • TeeJungle

Dan Abramov
I didn’t make @reactjs • 🔭 https://JustJavaScript.com • he/him

R ‘Nearest’ Nabors
React Core. Author: http://abookapart.com/products/animation-at-work GDE — Formerly W3C, MSFT. #INFJ #Single #MangaPunk

Val Head
Speaker, Author of 📕 http://designinginterfaceanimation.com • Senior Design Advocate @Adobe • Curates http://uianimationnewsletter.com • Opinions mine

Una Kravets
Making the web more stylish ✨🎨 CSS / Web DevRel @googlechrome @csswg 🦄 Host of The CSS Podcast, @toolsday , & Designing in the Browser 🎬 she/her

Rach Smith
№1 best developer in the @CodePen Australia office. JavaScript is my ride or die. She/her.

Rachel Andrew
Smashing Magazine Editor in Chief. Writer. Editor. Web developer. CSSWG member. Likes CSS, running, bikes, airplanes, cats. Contact

Jen Simmons
Web Technologies Evangelist for Safari & Webkit, at Apple. Member of CSS Working Group.

Sara Soueidan
Independent UI/design engineer • won awards • writer, speaker, trainer on all things front-end design • wrote the @codrops CSS reference • team @superfriendlyco

Gregg Pollack
Teaching programming with @VueMastery (http://vuemastery.com) and teaching self-awareness at http://ElarInstitute.org. Founder of @EnvyLabs , Code School, @StarterStudio

Laura Kalbag
@ Small Technology Foundation. Designs, talks, writes on web, ethics, inclusivity, privacy, and dev. I wrote a book: Accessibility For Everyone http://a4e.link she/her

Peter Cooper
Software development industry analyst and newsletter publisher. Programming book and link wrangler & former O’Reilly conf chair.

Stephen Grider
I do the computers. Courses: https://udemy.com/user/sgslo/. Email: ste.grider@gmail.com

Peggy Rayzis
Exploring the world through code, travel, and music ✨ Developer Experience @apollographql 🚀 she/her

Aimee Knight
%s/figureskater/softwarearchitect, @googledevexpert , prior @npmjs SRE, @nashvilledevops organizer, podcast @JSJabber , Intl. keynote speaker, IG aimeemarieknight

I teach & love coding: https://academind.com/learn/our-courses/

The Net Ninja
Education should be accessible to all. Coding 👨‍💻 | Coffee ☕ | Space 👾 | Gaming http://instagram.com/thenetninja/ http://thenetninja.co.uka

Tim Berners-Lee
Director of W3C (http://w3.org), the Web standards place. Founded http://webfoundation.org — let web serve humanity. CTO http://inrupt.com to develop http://solidproject.org

Job board MVP 🚀 — http://CodeCareer.io | #inDev💻: Prepping for #hacktoberfest2020. #CodeCareer is a veteran operated organization. #301DaysOfCode #VetsInTech

Guillaume Chau
Web & JS enthusiast — @vuejs Core Team — Open Source Software — @awesomejsapp — Become a sponsor: http://github.com/users/Akryum/sponsorship

Tracy Lee | ladyleet
CEO @thisdotlabs (For hire devs), Keynote Speaker, RxJS Core Team, GoogleDevExpert @angular , MSFT MVP, @moderndotweb , Serial Entrepreneur (1 exit)Angel Investor

Lecturer, PhD, Mobile App Developer (http://blackfacility.com) Interested in Analytics, Marketing, Coding, Entrepreneurship, EdTech, NLP

Jonas Schmedtmann
Developer. Designer. Online teacher. Find my courses at http://jonas.io.

Andrew Mead
I teach JavaScript, React, Node.js, and GraphQL on @udemy . Living in Philadelphia.

Brad Traversy
Full stack web developer and online educator (YouTube & Udemy)

Brad Frost
I am a web designer, speaker, writer, consultant, and musician in beautiful Pittsburgh, PA. Author of Atomic Design.

Quincy Larson
Teacher at @freeCodeCamp where you can learn to code for free, together with millions of people from around the world. #BlackLivesMatter

Working at #React development. Learning #iOS Development. Just here to learn, help people, and maybe teach a little bit.

Ryan Florence
@remix_run and @reacttraining . Work hard, be kind, help others.

Angela Yu
Medical Doctor. iOS Developer. Founder of The App Brewery. For speaker inquiries please contact my team: robots [at] londonappbrewery [dot] com

Andrei Neagoie
Developer . Instructor . Adventurer — I can teach you to code (400,000+ students) 👉 💻🚀http://zerotomastery.io

Kent C. Dodds
Improving the world w/ quality software · Husband, Father, Latter-day Saint, Teacher, OSS · http://TestingJavaScript.com · http://EpicReact.Dev · Be Kind

Ashot Nalbandyan
Code Monkey For Life.

Florin Pop
Purple Popper 💜, Coding enthusiast 💻, YouTuber http://youtube.com/florinpop 😍, Streamer http://twitch.tv/florinpop17 ⌨ — Discord https://discord.gg/qSse3Ey 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Emile Hay
Software Engineer @DStv but #Designer at heart. Husband. I ❤️ tech & people that use and make it. Let’s make the #web and the world a better place.

Ali Spittel
Senior Developer Advocate @awsamplify // co-host @ladybugpodcast // blogger @welearncode // Python + JavaScript engineer && teacher // tweets my own

Emma Bostian
Software Engineer @spotify in Stockholm 🇸🇪 Podcasting @ladybugpodcast 🎙 💻 American Abroad 🇺🇸 #BlackLivesMatter

Tae’lur Alexis
24 ♋️ | Software Developer | Twitch Affiliate @thelivecoders | She/Her | My Story of How I Got into Tech Without A Degree or Bootcamp | ⬇️

Stefan Natter
I am interested in and talking about JavaScript, ReactJS, NodeJS, and Software Engineering. | 📧 Weekly NL Series: https://subscribe.to/natterstefan

Vlad Magdalin

Guillermo Rauch

Part time League of Legends Player | Full Time Sheep Mum | Complete Newbie teaching myself web development, follow my journey ♥➳

Ania Kubów #JavaScriptGames
Software Dev | ex derivatives broker | @ggmuk | I make #JavaScriptGames on my YouTube + for Udemy 🤘http://youtube.com/aniakubow #gameDev #100DaysOfCode

Catalin Pit
AWS Community Builder ∙ Technical Writer ∙ Blogging on http://catalins.tech ∙ Interested in Web Dev and Cloud

Cake is Kate. Always has been.
Software engineer that 🧡 art. She/her. #BlackLivesMatter

Unnati Mishra
CSS Artist🎨 Coder🤞 Web designer🤘 Dancer 💃 #100DaysOfCode

Danny Thompson
Positive impact! Meetup Organizer/Founder| Software Engineer| Twitter Course http://gumroad.com/l/KFkhUc My Youtube Channel! http://youtube.com/DThompsonDev

Gary Simon
UI/UX, Frontend dev, Instructor. I’m the guy behind the DesignCourse YouTube chan.

Dev Ed
Hi! My name is Ed! I am a developer, passionate video creator and music lover. Youtube: http://youtube.com/c/DevEd Clothing: https://teespring.com/stores/developedbyed

Charlie Gerard
Senior front-end dev @Netlify , @GoogleDevExpert in Web Tech & @mozTechSpeakers . Speaker & Creative Technologist. She / Her.

Angie Jones
Principal Developer Advocate @Applitools | Director of @TestAutomationU | International Keynote Speaker | Java Champion | Master Inventor | Prev. Twitter & IBM

Tatiana Mac
Tech Misanthropologist. Engineer/OSS maintainer @SelfDefinedApp @DevsOfColour . Shop @StyleDotCSS .

Raf Rasenberg
🇳🇱 Freelance Software Engineer — 💪 Occasionally Lifts Weights — ✉️ Want to work together? hello@rafrasenberg.com

Principal Developer Experience Engineer @netlify ! Married to @ijoosong . I like jokes, karaoke, and mechanical keyboards! ✝️

Joseph Hughes
IBM Demos Lead Developer @ibm , previously IBM DevOps Insights Lead, Tech Lover, Front End Engineer, My tweets are my own.

_ro.html (◕‿◕✿) _
Web dev & minty bean at @mintbeanio 🌱 code 👩‍💻 fitness 🏋️ art 🎨 health 🥑 memes 🤙🏼 (she/her) c27 @junocollege 🌟 #100DaysOfMove 💪 @devshelpingdevs 💜☁️

Gergely Orosz
ngineering @Uber . Past: @Skype , @Microsoft & @Skyscanner . Tweets on software engineering, dev career growth & distributed systems. Wrote http://thetechresume.com

Computer scientist focusing on applied Machine Learning and helping unlock the power of technology for individuals and businesses.

Margo McCabe
Energetic Connector🏔️ Outdoors Advocate⚡️ Innovative Technology @harperdbio Databases 🐶 Dogs🎿 Skiing #WomenInTech 👩‍💻

Award-winning dev edutainer · http://VSCode.pro · http://NodeCLI.com 🦊 @GoogleDevs Expert DevRel 🛋 @Nodejs Outreach Lead ⚡ WordPress Core ✍️ @SmashingMag 💜 @maedahbatool

Ayushi Rawat
Software Developer | Technical Blogging at http://ayushirawat.com | YouTuber | Github: http://github.com/ayushi7rawat | My Bot: @pymoonbot

Kelly Vaughn
Founder @taproomagency . Co-host @LadybugPodcast @CommerceTea . @ShopifyPlus Partner. @dxnielvaughn ‘s favorite wife.

James Q Quick #YouTubeForDevelopers
JavaScript Developer 🔥 Speaker 🔥 Teacher Developer Advocate @auth0 Youtube — http://bit.ly/jqqyt @twilio Champion + #CloudinaryMDE Motto: #LearnBuildTeach

Amelia Warner
webdev ❯ random tweets ❯ turn on post notifications

Palash Mondal
Programmer • Lifelong Learner • Positive Thinker

Michael Thiessen
Writer of one of the most popular @vuejs blogs | Creator of the Clean Components course that so many love | Reusable Components course in the works!

Helping Devs to succeed @AWSCloud / Just be AWSome / MC Speaker Trainer Community Leader / Views are my own / @reacteurope @ReactiveConf @ngcruise @UphillConf

Marko Denic
Full-Stack Dev 💻 · JavaScript . VueJS · Laravel

Well Paid Geek
Coding for 20+ years — Learn JavaScript from a pro: http://wellp.ai/js — Grow your Twitter following: http://wellp.ai/exp

Courtland Allen
@IndieHackers at @stripe

The best way to predict the future is to create it 💡 #BlackLivesMatter ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽✊🏼✊🏻✊


Kyle Shook
WordPress & Front-end Developer. Looking for a full-time role! DMs open | http://kyleshook.com

Randall Kanna
Engineer. Head of Community at @Gumroad . Wrote http://TheStandoutDeveloper.com. O’Reilly Author. Ex @eventbrite @pandoramusic

Edidiong Asikpo
Developer Advocate @hashnode • Technical Writer 💛 • Ex @InterswitchGRP • Building #DevCUyo, @SheCodeAfrica & @oscafrica

Staff Software Engineer @gatsbyjs | @eggheadio Instructor | GDE | Maintainer | Blogger | Conference speaker | TC39 Educator Committee | She/her

Ben Awad
Software Consultant • YouTuber • Creator of http://mysaffronapp.com • React.js and GraphQL Enthusiast

Dimitri Ivashchuk
React expert Nerd face GraphQL enthusiast Star-struck Educator @eggheadio + @scrimba Man teacher Building: @stackonfire_ Fire @tweetastic_app Chart with upwards trend

Marc Backes
Full-Stack Web Dev 💻 · Vue, Node · Freelancer 🚀 · @WskyWednesday 🎧 · Happily married ❤️ · 🇬🇧🇪🇸🇩🇪🇱🇺🇫🇷 · DMs open 📩

Ben Halpern
Creator and Co-founder of @forem . Coder, buddhist, feminist, Batman. He/Him.

“Think outside the bandwagon.” Director of Web Futures, Teacher, Author, Symmathecist in the medium of software.

John Papa
Husband, father, & Catholic family man. Working @ Microsoft. Disney fanatic, web/mobile developer, speaker, & author. Siena College grad Peacock #BlackLivesMatter



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